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What If Elon Musk Sells Bicycle?

News has been mentioning about AMD (yeap, the chipmaker) is selling bicycle through their AMD Fan Store. What surprised me was not the fact that they’re adding something unusual like bicycle in their online store, along the likes of the apparels or drinking bottles. Just like million other branded companies or individuals trying to earn pennies from their brands. What surprised me was actually, for a chipmaker company, the ones that had successfully challenged the Goliath Intel whom had changed the world, why settle for a human operated vehicle?

AMD can probably do better. So here’s my suggestions on how AMD can improve the bicycle features, just by imagining how Elon Musk would have designed it instead.

1. Be Green

Yes, manually pedaled bicycle is environmental friendly. So does a solar powered bicycle to charge the GoPro Action Camera or Strava enabled mobile phone strapped on the bicycle frame. After all, biking is an outdoor activity.

But the solar power charging today is still pretty slow. Well, why don’t we supplement with kinetic energy charging? There’s a lot of movement there, for sure.

2. Raspberry Pi

What do we do with the excess power on a bicycle other than powering your GoPro and mobile phone? Why don’t run some Raspberry Pi? Perhaps run some Bitcoin node there? Mine some coins while you bike? Or simply plug it into the cloud and join a cluster/farm of small computers to process large-scale parallel batch workloads in the cloud? Like those video rendering or some Artificial Intelligence workloads.

3. Self Balancing Bicycle

With the power and compute on the bicycle, it’s time that we have that self balancing bicycle and save all the parents troubles in teaching their children how to ride a bicycle. Yes, when you can solve a parent’s parenting challenge, you can smell the money.

Once you solved the self balancing, autonomous ride shouldn’t be an issue then. Yes, parents, it means a bicycle that can ride itself home and park nicely in your garage!

There you go. My 3 suggested features for AMD bicycle (heck, any bicycle company should just do this.) I’ll be awaiting for this bicycle to be launched.

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