About Me

Had been enjoying running around many clients across Malaysia and Singapore developing many enterprise applications for them. Built nationwide application connecting thousands of medical clinics with insurance companies and government healthcare fund. When your claims get through, remember me. Developed drug master dictionary application where "10 mg" and "10 g" in your drug prescription might decide whether you would go to Emergency Room. Integrating tens of enterprise applications of different platforms. 13 years ago, i was laughed off by one of my interviewer when i told him i could develop a website and desktop client app that runs on the same back-end business logic. Well, i didn't get the job, probably for the good.

Other than that, I have a long list of other skills too: Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Integration, Enterprise Service Bus, performance tuning, Application Lifecycle Management, application security; all .Net and Microsoft Technologies. Probably the best one that i'm proud of is Knowledge Management, because i still can't explain how that has greatly helped me so far.

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