Sitecore Social Connected Facebook App Setting

Sitecore CMS 6.6

Social Connected 1.2

There are 3 configuration that is not documented in the Sitecore Social Connected document. Without this, you'll get blocking error.

1. Do not tick the "Do not show the first page" of the Social Account creation wizard. On the Social Connected 1.2, without this page, the wizard will not work, and you will be presented with blank wizard page. The workaround is to request hotfix from sitecore. Hopefully it's fixed in version 1.3.

2. There is changes to Facebook Apps creation setting. By default, new apps have the option of "Sandbox Mode". Disable this option. If you enable this option, only the registered developer will be able to use Facebook API. That means, your internet users will not be able to login to Facebook via your apps.

3. Your site must not be running on certain port number. From the reflector, the Social Connected wizard is constructing the return url back to your site without the port number. Which means, the return from Facebook will not reach your correct site.


15. November 2012
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Initial Experience with Windows 8

Just installed with clean install using official Windows 8 (RTM) image distributed by my office. The 10GB image was distributed using custom built deployment app that downloads the image from Windows Azure from server locations nearest to us. Download took about 3 hours from my home network.

Overall install process took me about 1 hour, as all required configuration and applications has been pre-configured. The steps that I need to do was only changing keyboard layout, regional setting, and the join domain (automated via VPN since i'm out of office network).

Best part is, I don't need to do Easy Transfer to backup my files initially (although I did, for backup purpose), as the Windows installation will move our old profile into "\Windows.old" folder. Hard part is to move the files that I need to the new profile that I have.

Pretty sleek UI. Still getting used to the gestures.

Next step: installing Office 2013. To be continued...

25. October 2012
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Skype (Beta) is available for Windows Phone 7

Skype (Beta) version is available for Windows Phone 7. It is scheduled to be available as final version around April this year.

Fyi, when i searched directly from MarketPlace in my Windows Phone, Skype didn't come up. Probably it has something to do with geographical location. I have to go via the web link from Internet explorer browser in my phone, browse to Singapore based site (US based site failed on me), and download it from there.

Please refer to this link from your phone directly to download Skype.

29. February 2012
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